5 Must-Try Coffee Stops in Parramatta
By Jasmine Crittenden
Coffee drinking at circa
When hopping off the train or bus, commuters to the Parramatta CBD are spoiled for choice when it comes to their morning coffee.
flatlay of vegetarian and vegan food
Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Parramatta
Here’s your guide to six of the best vegetarian and vegan eateries in Parramatta.
 Indian curry meal with black lentils dal, spicy potatoes, rice, naan bread and raita  M
Five Wet Weekend Feel Good Dinners
While winter is officially another week away, this weekend has certainly given us a preview with blankets added to beds and heaters being cranked up.

Around Parramatta, we have a huge range of restaurants and cafés that offer us delicious winter warming foods from many different cuisines.
The Bells Road Social in Oatlands
Cafes - Neighbourhood Edition
Beyond the Parramatta CBD, the City’s myriad of neighbourhoods is peppered with independent cafes, run by expert baristas and passionate chefs. Discover neighbourhood cafes making a name for themselves.
Responsible Cafes in and around Parramatta
Responsible Cafes in and around Parramatta
Reduce your waste and get a discount on your coffee!
Circa Espresso coffee
A Sunday in Parramatta
Because a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
Bourke Street Bakery tarts
Cheap Eats and Sweet Treats at Bourke Street Bakery
Decadent and delicious treats don’t have to come with an expensive price tag
186-190/1 Church St Parramatta 2150
(02) 9893 9075
Circa Espresso
Best of Brunch in Parramatta
Get your brunch on at these six hot spots in Parramatta...
Chai Spy: testing the best chai tea
Hold the cappuccino or flat white! Sip on one of Parramatta’s famous and award winning chai teas or lattes instead.
High Tea Gatehouse
Tea time! Where to find the best high tea in Parramatta
Poise those pinkies and get ready to high-tea it to one of the best high tea spots in Parramatta.